Our home search service

1. Your requirements

We initially meet you, free of charge, at a time and location that suits you to build an understanding of your objectives and what criteria are most important to you. We can advise you on current market conditions and suggest alternative areas that you might wish to consider to maximise your budget.

2. Finding your dream home

We research thoroughly and use our expertise to find your dream home quickly and efficiently. Properties that look perfect in estate agent's marketing documents can turn out to be completely unsuitable. We will view the properties before compiling a shortlist, so you'll only be viewing properties that match your requirements.

The demand for high quality properties often outstrips supply, thus the best homes can often be sold before they are advertised. As well as searching through all properties currently available on the market, we are also able to find out about homes that are not officially on the market through our contacts with estate agents.

3. Negotiation

Once we have found the right property for you, we discuss negotiation tactics with you and negotiate on your behalf to ensure you pay the lowest possible price. We will give you an in depth analysis of local comparable properties, to make sure you do not overpay for your new home.

Our understanding of the factors that drive the value of London homes and our market knowledge will give you a significant advantage when negotiating the price with estate agents.

Our negotiating skills mean that our services often more than pay for themselves.

4. Completion process

Once an offer has been accepted, we will manage the legal process through to completion and receipt of the keys to your new home. This will ensure that you benefit from our experience of common issues and how to resolve then, reducing the risk of the property sale falling through. If required, we are happy to recommend leading law firms that have proven track records.


Upon commencement of your home search, a retainer of £500 will be requested to cover our expenses, including phone calls, travel and search time. The retainer is fully deductible from the success fee and covers a 6 month period. The majority of our searches are completed within four months from commencement of the search to completion.

The success fee is 1% of the purchase price and covers viewings, finding your new home and negotiations through to completion of your purchase, when the fee will be payable.

It is often the case that our fee is fully covered by the discounts that we successfully negotiate on the asking price.

Our fees are very affordable compared to some of our competitors, who may charge up to 2.5% of the purchase price.

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