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Our agents are also specialists in finding investment properties and can help you to add properties to your portfolio that meet your objectives, whether you are looking to invest or are searching for development opportunities.

Property is seen as one of the most solid investments available and history has proved that it is an excellent way to achieve long-term capital growth. Since property values and rents are both currently increasing in London, this is an ideal time to invest.

As our agents include experienced and successful property developers and investors, you can be assured that they can give you an essential advantage when searching for your next investment.

Focus on value analysis

The London property market is constantly evolving and the best performing areas for both value growth and rental yields are always changing. Due to our in depth research on the entire London market, we are able to advise on the best areas to suit your investment strategy.

The best investment properties are often sold by estate agents to professional investors before they hit the open market. We can use our contacts to give you access to these potential investment opportunities, which often include properties that are being sold below market value for a variety of reasons.

Once your perfect investment has been found, our agents will negotiate the lowest price possible and assist with the completion of the purchase on your behalf. We will give you an in depth analysis of local comparable properties, to ensure that you are well educated about the local market and do not overpay for your new investment.

We also offer additional services to help you maximise your investment, including a rental property fit out service, which will fully furnish the property on your behalf and position it to ensure that you obtain the highest possible yield.


Upon commencement of your buy to let investment search, a retainer of £500 will be requested to cover our expenses, including phone calls, travel and search time. The retainer is fully deductible from the success fee and covers a 6 month period. The majority of our searches are completed within four months from commencement of the search to completion.

The success fee is 1% of the purchase price and covers viewings, finding your new investment and negotiations through to completion of your purchase, when the fee will be payable.

It is often the case that our fee is fully covered by the discounts that we successfully negotiate on the asking price.

Our fees are very affordable compared to some of our competitors, who may charge up to 2.5% of the purchase price.

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