Our rental search service

Rental Property Search

Regardless of your budget, we will research your target area and view the properties that are most suitable for you. This avoids wasted time by making sure that you only view the ones that best match your criteria.

We will accompany you on viewings of the shortlist of properties and we will be there to offer advice and assist you with negotiations.

The London rental market moves rapidly and many of the best properties go under offer before their details openly circulated. We search across both estate agents and reputable private landlords to ensure that you do not miss out on your ideal property.

We will then negotiate the rental contract on your behalf to obtain the most favourable terms possible.


Upon commencement of the rental search, a retainer of £500 is payable to cover our expenses, including phone calls, travel and search time. This is fully deductible from the success fee and is for a one month search.

The success fee for our rental search service is 1 month's rent, and covers accompanied viewings of the shortlisted properties, locating your ideal property and all negotiations until signing of the tenancy agreement.

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